For Advisors/About the Relationship

TPBC is Client-Centric.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with you and your clients. We work with you in developing customized financial alternatives to fulfill your clients’ long-term financial goals.

Client Centric Graphic

Working with you…

At all times, our relationship with you, the client’s advisor, will be:

  • Transparent. From initial contact through plan implementation and after, we maintain an “open book” policy with you and your client.
  • Non-Competitive. Your relationship with your client comes first; we respect and honor its status at all times.
  • Team-Oriented. We work as one for your client’s goals.

How do you want to work with TPBC?
It’s your choice!

Depending upon your situation – where you are in the world, your area of expertise, licensed or consultant – we’re ready to work with you.

For more information about partnering with TPBC, contact us today.