Profession: Insurance Agent
Location: United States

Jennifer’s Client: Mr. Lim, who is Taiwanese, owns a U.S.-based company that manufactures microchips. He also owns personal property in the United States as well as bank accounts and a stock portfolio. His two children reside in the U.S. as well. A widower, Mr. Lim wants to transfer a significant portion of his wealth to the U.S. dividing it equitably between both children and ensure his daughter is able to assume leadership of the company in the future.

Recommended to The Pacific Bridge Companies (TPBC) by Insurance Provider.

Financial Planning Focus for Mr. Lim:

  • Income Protection and Wealth Preservation
  • Wealth Transfer to Heirs and Future Generations

Financial Alternatives Coordinated by TPBC:
Combination of lifetime gifting plans; Estates structured with separate trusts for his two children; Company to buy Mr. Lim’s shares with daughter retaining her controlling interest; Proceeds from stock purchase divided evenly between children; Life insurance purchase to pay estate taxes.